Gamma Beam Irradiation

A widely accepted sterilization method for your product


Gamma ionizing irradiation, is generated by the decay of the radioisotope Cobalt 60, with the resultant high energy photons being an effective sterilant for a wide variety of medical device products.

Mechanism of Action

As with all forms of irradiation sterilization, Gamma Beam Irradiation contacting product bio-burden, causes the break up the RNA/DNA of the bioburden, eliminating their ability to function and reproduce.


  • Able to penetrate more densely packaged products
  • Temperature is moderate process parameter with mild effects for sensitive materials and sterilization is effective even with frozen items
  • Does not require any permeable membrane packaging that is necessary with chemical sterilization methods allowing fully packaged materials, even some liquids, to be sterilized


  • Polymers may experience embrittlement, discoloration and degradation from induced molecular cross-linking, which can easily be tested for stability assurance.
  • High-speed particle impact may destabilize NV-ram and logic gates on non-shielded semiconductors and other electronics