About Us

Eagle Medical Inc. offers efficient and FDA compliant assembly, packaging and in-house Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma (HPGP) specific, as well as contract irradiation (gamma and e-beam) sterilization services for the medical device industry. Validation services for manufacturing processes, packaging, and sterilization are customized to product specific requirements. The company is dedicated to industrial sterilization requirements and meeting the highest of industry standards: FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016 Certified, audited in accordance with ISO 14937:2009 and compliant with ISO 14644-1 CLASS 7 (Class 10,000) Cleanrooms.

The Management Team

Doyle Timmons

Doyle Timmons

President and CEO

For nearly fifteen years, Doyle Timmons has successfully served as president for Eagle Medical, Inc.
During his tenure, Eagle Medical has experienced significant growth in industry specific packaging and
specialty sterilization services for the medical device industry.

While leading the company with sound business acumen, his management team has been able to stay focused
on providing high level industry solutions in sterile packaging and high quality protocols for
sterilization services in compliance with FDA and international standards. Mr. Timmons vast experience
in business management, finance and accounting uniquely positions Eagle Medical’s 20,000 square foot
packaging and sterilization facility for further growth. Mr. Timmons academic background includes a
Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.
Sebastian Eulogio

Sebastian Eulogio

Vice President and Global Business Development

Sebastian Eulogio brings 32 years of experience in International business development for high 
throughput sterilization technologies, with a focus on Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma (HPGP)
for the med tech and pharmaceutical industries. Throughout his career, Mr. Eulogio has
directed and managed all stages of product development and sterilization services for
Internationally known brands in the corporate America med tech space.

At Eagle Medical, he leads with efficient and FDA compliant sterilization service options for
the medical device industry. With significant med tech sterilization background, his experience
includes the successful launch of STERRAD technology sterilization products.

From highly technical to operational, Mr. Eulogio understands the med tech sterilization services
market requirements and has developed new product and services to meet those critical industry needs.
Sterilization service options include: feasibility studies, cycle development, and full process
validations, following ISO 14937 guidelines. Fluent in English and Spanish, Mr. Eulogio has further
developed a niche business in the medical device industry through Eagle Medical. Prior to Eagle Medical,
Mr. Eulogio led and managed multiple technical and commercial groups within Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP)
a Division of Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson Company. Mr. Eulogio received his Masters in Business Administration
from University of California Irvine (UCI) and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from
Universidad Tecnica del Estado in Santiago, Chile.
Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan

Vice President of Engineering

An advantage maker to the medical device industry, Mr. Morgan is best known for his work in electrochemistry; 
inventor of the world\'s first orthopedic device to upregulate genetic progenitor compounds in the healing
process of osteoarthritis of the joints. His skills in R&D team building and fast-paced project execution,
requiring FDA product acceptance are well known in the med-device community. Mr. Morgan possesses expert know-how
in regulatory submission drafting, platform strategy, intellectual property, and project management.',

Mr. Morgan is currently expanding Eagle\'s growth strategy; requiring new business methods for improving volume,
speed-to-market and customer service. These are adjunct areas to which Mr. Morgan has consistently excelled
having launched many medical devices with companies such as: Abbott Laboratories, Meditrina, and Stryker. Using
his "advantage maker" leadership approach, he has brought to market episodic blood glucose meters; wireless
continuous glucose monitoring systems; drug infusion pumps; and several electrosurgical systems.',

His product design skills are highly sought after as are his engineering skills in both electromechanical-engineering
and injection molding. Educated at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, Mr. Morgan gained a
BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in Semiotics. At the University of California at Berkeley he became a
Registered Professional Engineer and was awarded a Certificate in Project management. In 2000 Mr. Morgan was also
awarded Project Management Professional designation from the Project Management Institute. At Eagle Medical,
he leads with efficient and FDA compliant manufacturing, sterilization, packaging & packaging design service options
for the medical device industry.
Fred Culver

Fred Culver

Vice President

Fred Culver brings significant experience in management to Eagle Medical, Inc. 
During his 20 years in the medical products industry, Mr. Fred Culver has been
instrumental in the continued growth of Eagle Medical, Inc. As Vice President,
Mr. Fred Culver oversees sterilization management, contracts, risk assessments,
plant engineering and machinery maintenance, as well as clean room design, construction
and operations. He also manages the onsite clean rooms, as well as HEPA filter monitoring.

His particular strengths include overseeing LEAN manufacturing, JIT and cellular
manufacturing processes, as well as system diagnostics, troubleshooting, and
production efficiencies. Mr. Fred Culver’s academic background includes mechanical
and nuclear engineering studies at the University of Idaho.
Jody Birks

Jody Birks

Regulatory / New Product Introduction (NPI)

With over two decades of medical device contract manufacturing and sterilization 
experience, Jody Birks has distinguished herself in the industry with efficient
and FDA compliant solutions to complex packaging and sterilization challenges.
Ms. Jody Birks’ breadth of experience and technical industry knowledge enables
her to consistently drive quality assurance and regulatory success.

Ms. Birks ensures that Eagle Medical’s quality management system is fully compliant
with FDA QSR and ISO 13485:2016. Her understanding of validation requirements for
manufacturing, packaging, and sterilization processes is extensive. Manufacturing
processes performed by Eagle Medical are validated per customer specific protocol.
She has performed a variety of packaging validation studies following ISO 11607.
She has also conducted a variety of sterilization validations: irradiation (gamma and e-beam),
following ISO 11137 and Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma (HPGP) in compliance with
ISO 14937 guidelines. Ms. Birks provides all documentation support for the OEM
regulatory submissions and manages the entire process of onboarding contract
packaging and sterilization services with full compliance to Quality System Requirements.

In addition, Ms. Birks is serving on multiple AAMI Sterilization Committee working
groups developing sterilization standards. She has technical writing experience that
complements all document control functions. Her academic background includes a
Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Systematic Biology with a minor in Communication
at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Karen Bradley

Karen Bradley

Operations Manager

Karen Bradley has 23 years experience in the medical packaging industry. Ms. Bradley’s 
vast experience of 20 years with Eagle Medical, Inc. has been foundational to the
operations excellence we provide to all our customers.

Her duties include: Production Scheduling, Supply Chain & Inventory management,
Coordination of Staffing within Production areas to ensure adequate talent for highly
elastic system-wide loading. Additionally, Ms. Bradley supports Staffing Group Goals
through the development of clear and concise manufacturing instructions and training

By integrating the operations, receiving, and Incoming Inspection areas of the
business, Ms. Bradley is able to help maintain the traceability of production records
and shipping records necessary for FDA/QSR/ISO compliance. Ms. Karen Bradley’s attention
to detail and quality control are a vital part of the mission of Eagle Medical, Inc.',
She is a 45-year resident of Paso Robles and has received and completed formal education
and training through Cuesta College Business Education Program. She is certified by
the Safety Compliance Center in the operation of Powered Industrial Equipment for
warehousing including: Trucks-Forklift Operations Training.

Wes McDonald

Wes McDonald

Quality Engineering Manager

Wes McDonald is a military veteran with over 20-years experience as a packaging 
engineer in the medical device industry. Leveraging this experience for
Eagle Medical Packaging, Sterilization Inc. and leading the Quality Department
into the future of packaging and sterilization is Mr. McDonald’s main priority.
He started studying systems engineering at the United States Military Academy at
West Point, NY. After his military service, Mr. McDonald started in the medical
device industry as a quality engineer, and quickly specialized in packaging engineering
while studying packaging at San Jose State University.

Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in packaging design, process
qualification, and quality systems; assessing the entirety of the manufacturing and
distribution environments to optimize the packaging experience for all involved
in it. Mr. McDonald is driving the world-class quality that is the benchmark at
Eagle for your packaging and sterilization needs.

Chris Hunting

Chris Hunting


Mr. Chris Hunting joined the Eagle Medical team in 2019. With his vast experience 
in the financial arena, his skills are a great attribute in managing the company’s
accounting and finance department.

Chris has been in the accounting & finance industry for over 16 years. He received
his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting and
finance from Columbia College. In 2011, Chris became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
and keeps his license current to stay on top of the ever-evolving accounting laws.

As a former business owner of his own accounting practice, Chris has an entrepreneurial
perspective that gives him a big picture view of what is necessary to keep a company
healthy and growing. Mr. Hunting provides Eagle with the accurate knowledge of finance
to maintain a financially strong business while simultaneously navigating the expansions
needed to meet our growing customer demands.