Adhesive, Bonding & Fastening Operations

Experts in fastening and adhesives.


Adhesive Bonding is the process of joining two or more materials of similar or dissimilar composition with the use of a chemical agent with the primary objective of establishing a mechanical link between their surfaces.

The desired surfaces to be joined may be treated prior to application of an adhesive by subjecting them to grit or shot blasting, etching, or preparation for sonification, etc. Adhesives are carefully chosen depending on the properties desired in the bonded material or service environment.

The bonding process can be achieved through surface absorption, chemical bonding, diffusion, electrostatic attraction or mechanical interlocking. Customer input on bonding agents and fasteners is crucial to correct selection, and Eagle works closely with customers to make sure details important to performance are captured.

How to find the Right Adhesive

Adhesives are carefully chosen depending on the properties desired in the bonded material.

Establishing clear numerical targets for chemical interaction, environmental exposures, typical stress / strain, and potential accidental occurrences are key to finding adhesives that will perform as expected for our customers.

Considerations for Adhesives

  • Provides minimal uptake of residuals without compromising bond strength
  • Compatible with multiple sterilization modalities
  • Short Curing Times
  • Maximize temperature range
  • Acceptable biocompatibility and special requirements, such as photo-luminescence

Performance Considerations

  • Fatigue and environmental cycling
  • Chemical or biological exposures and implant grade requirements

Assembly Considerations

  • Ease of implementation
  • Process requirements
  • Ancillary equipment needs