Pouch Systems

A Flexible & Configurable Packaging Solution


Pouch Packaging Systems offer a wide range of uses in the medical industry.

Depending on the requirements for your specific product, Eagle has the know-how in assembly techniques and complex manufacturing processes to accommodate sophisticated label printing and device layout for surgical presentation.

Eagle can provide the following types of Pouch Systems

  • Single and double-Barrier
  • Internally supported with backer cards and/or thermoformed supports
  • Combined with protective vials
  • For use in combination sterilized kitted systems (gamma, EO, etc.)
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Tyvek to Tyvek and similar specialty formats

Considerations for Pouch Material and Process

Pouch material and process is chosen based on the protective needs of the product. The most common considerations for our customers are:

  • Puncture or tear resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • UV and light protection (foil pouching)

Pouches are subject to a series of lab testing before and after being released to the market in order to ensure quality and effectiveness in actual use.