Thermoformed Blister Tray Systems

Robust Packaging Solutions that Organize and Present Your Medical Device


Thermoformed Blister Trays provide a wide variety of solutions that both organize and protect your device.

Materials used for manufacturing trays include Polyethylene and its co-polymers (PETG) which can be sterilized using nearly all known modalities.

Trays are a good solution for heavy products, kitted systems requiring sequential surgical presentation and products involving sharps for delivery, resection or excision.

Reasons Your Product May Require a Tray

Trays are among the most rugged forms of packaging commonly used for medical device protective packaging. Knowing when your design calls for it, or having Eagle review your product design for considerations that would necessitate using trays can be of great help along your packaging design route. With Eagle's help, you can consider:

  • Tray puncture, warp, crack or tear resistance, based on sharps and mass
  • Surgical presentation logic and work-flow
  • Product retention / protection needs
  • UV and light protection needs
  • Combination product needs
  • Single and double-barrier systems

Trays are an essential packaging solution for the medical industry, providing a rugged and reliable way of packaging heavy or sharp items. If you think your product might require the use of tray packaging, please use the Contact Us Form and describe the nature of your product so that we can serve you with the best possible process.