Packaging Conceptual Design Support


Every product comes with unique needs for protection, retention, presentation and sterility assurance. At Eagle we carefully guide our customers through the challenging process of creating an aesthetically pleasing design that simultaneously meets the harsh requirements of the distribution environment.

Design of your Package

Beginning with the end in mind is the essence of packaging design.

At Eagle we can support your development through the design, prototype and preliminary compliance testing of:

  • Complex double-barrier thermoformed blister tray systems
  • Novel boxing designs, opening methods and closure systems
  • “Header-Bag,” protective pouch systems (Mylar, PETG, foil, etc.)
  • Backer card and sleeve solutions for pouch systems
  • Complex multi-sterilization method packaging systems
  • Cold-Chain Processing packaging systems

The Benefits of Early Packaging and Sterilization Methods Consideration

Best engineering practice in the medical device field always considers the packaging, presentation, aseptic transfer, distribution and sterilization requirements upfront.

Why? Dealing with the constraints that each of these elements places on the specific products materials of construction, performance requirements, bonding and fastening methods, durability, longevity and bio-compatibility are what set successful projects apart from those that fail.

Consult with your Eagle design professional to understand how each of these design elements can be addressed early using our vast technical and experiential background to avoid common pitfalls that beset many projects. Eagle will prove to be your secret weapon in speed to market, leaving your competition far behind.