Manufacturing Process Instruction Development

Let Eagle help you build your product with confidence


Sometimes more complex than device design, is the manufacturing instruction set needed to create finished devices, with the clarity of statistical process controls. Meeting the challenges of intra-operative robustness, cleanliness, and sterility barrier assurance is the price of entry to achieving success in your market.

Eagle is there to help you meet the challenge with state-of-the-art process instruction methods, training, and recurrency requirements. Our approach to each device we build assumes that it could be used on someone we know or even ourselves.

Keeping these kinds of attitudes at the forefront of our culture and thinking is how we maintain the highest levels of quality, error capture and prevention and customer satisfaction. Let us delight you with our world-class Manufacturing Process Instruction approach to build with confidence, quality and strength.

Understanding Best Practices and World-Class Methods

Even if you are comfortable in the world of medical device manufacturing, there are sometimes new methods and updates that can offer unexpected benefits to your processes. Eagle’s extensive experience with disposables, implants, instrument kits, device reprocessing, electro-mechanical assembly and semi-automated assembly to name just a few can help position your product well for launch into the market.

If you are considering a move to a new contract manufacturer, Eagle can help make that transition easier for you, with proven methods used many times to speed transfer adoptions over to our manufacturing system. Learn more by contacting your Eagle manufacturing professional to begin the process of building your device with quality and confidence.