This calculator uses an accelerated aging equation used to estimate the Accelerated Aging Time (AAT) required to achieve the same level of aging or degradation in a product under accelerated conditions as it would experience over a longer period of time at normal conditions, which is the Desired Real Time (RT).

$$ Accelerated\ Aging\ Time\ (AAT) = {Desired\ Real\ Time\ (RT) \over Q_{10}^{(T_{AA} - T_{RT}) \over 10}} $$

Here's a breakdown of the components of the equation:

  • AAT (Accelerated Aging Time): Time required to simulate aging or degradation under accelerated conditions.
  • RT (Real Time): Desired or target time to estimate the aging or degradation at a lower temperature, representing the real storage or usage time.
  • Q10: Activation energy, how sensitive the aging or degradation process is to temperature. Values range from 1.8 - 2.2, with 2.0 the most common used value.

  • TAA (Accelerated Aging Temperature): Elevated temperature for the accelerated aging test. Values range from 50°C - 60°C, with 60°C the most common used value.

  • TRT (Real-Time Temperature): Real temperature at which you estimate the aging or degradation will occur in real time (RT). Values range from 20°C - 25°C, with 22°C the most common used value.

In summary, this calculates how long a product needs to be at an elevated temperature (TAA) to achieve the level of aging over a shorter period (AAT) as it would experience at a real-world temperature (TRT) over a desired real time (RT).

This equation is commonly used in industries such as materials science, pharmaceuticals, and electronics to perform accelerated aging tests. This allows manufacturers to predict product performance and longevity.

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